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Donna Drake

$1,380 of NZD $2,500 target.

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Donna Drake

Donna Drake


“Unless all are free, none are free” Martin Luther King

Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar global business and the fastest growing crime in the world.  There is more slavery today than at any other time in history.

NZ founded Charitable Trust, NVADER in partnership with Tearfund look to rescue victims, prosecute perpetrators, and empower communities to combat human trafficking.

It is estimated that 4.5 million people are trapped in sex slavery globally.  This figure comprises mostly of women and children, some as young as 5 years old.

The more statistics I heard, and the more stories I digested, the more outraged I became.  I don’t have the skills required to join NVADER at the coal face, however I can don a pair of cycle shorts and join the Queenstown Classic Charity Ride.

Beginners and experienced athletes alike are given support in how to train and
fundraise and get to experience an adventure that they wouldn't previously had the
opportunity to enjoy. 

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Amazing trip! Everyone was so supportive and each level of rider was catered for. Loved it!.

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Tearfund (The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund)

Freedom is a basic human right. Yet there are more people enslaved today than any time in human history. Tearfund has a hunger for justice and is committed to addressing the issue of sex trafficking through empowerment, rescue, prosecution, and restoration of survivors.The humble bike is a universal symbol of hope and freedom. Tearfund is building a community on the move for freedom. Join Tearfund’s community on bikes and ensure vulnerable children are protected, innocent lives rescued, perpetrators brought to justice and broken lives restored. It’s expensive work but not compared to the worth of the victims’ lives.

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Donna Drake

for Tearfund (The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund)

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